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Sample essay: Global Warming

The problem of global warming is a burning issue nowadays as far as it is popularized to the extent that many scientists do know even assume the possibility of a debate on it. As usual, there are two sides arguing about the causes and effects of climate change. Anuradha K. Herath discusses a dilemma of global warming from the perspective of a two-side debate in her article “The Climate Change Debate: Man vs. Nature” (2011).


The main idea of the article is that there is no common point among scientists considering the causes of global warming. While one side argues that this problem is caused by humans, the other one explains that it is a result of s natural force. For example, the supporters of the natural occurrence of the problem insist that climate change is caused by solar changes and changes in the Earth’s orbit. According to them, the solar energy production influences changes in Earth’s climate. Since the middle of the18th century, the energy of the Sun has been increasing. Therefore, it is obvious that temperatures everywhere on a planet will increase as well. The orbital change can also be regarded as a significant cause of global warming. While moving around the Sun, the Earth has shifted once. As a result, not all of its areas “consume” enough solar energy as they used to do before. Therefore, these human activities can lead to the local decrease of temperatures.

On the contrary, the advocates of “manmade problem” theory have conducted various researches to prove that human activities affect today’s climate change the most. For example, those scientists say that people change atmosphere by greenhouse gases emissions and agriculture activities including overuse of natural resources. They insist that industries releases a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as one of the dominant greenhouse gases. A change of land use is also considered to be a cause of climate change. Although surface shaping for agriculture purposes increases the energy of the Sun, absorption forest clearing decreases this process.


Although the debate on climate change can be divided into two major sides, there is a considerable number of people who support two points simultaneously. Moreover, there are those who do not distinguish between weather and climate; thus, they support their beliefs with unreasonable arguments. When it happens that winter is hash, they reject the possibility of global warming, and vice versa – they believe that burning summer is a strong evidence of climate change caused by humans. Moreover, the author tells about those who do not believe that humanity actually encounters a problem of climate change. What is more interesting about this is that a number of such people is gradually increasing with years.

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To conclude, the debate on global warming is a never-ending thing, but consequences of this problem aggravate quite rapidly. Nevertheless, one should understand that such global problems as climate change always involve a lot of controversy. The clash of ideas and beliefs on global warming only separates people into smaller groups. However, to protect climate, people need to unite moving towards their common goal. Although some of them can believe that global warming is solemnly essential thing for nature and there is no human fault in it, they should probably care about a fair share of natural resources among all the people. It is better to use all of this information not to continue finding out the right side but to understand that humanity is close to facing the consequences of global warming. Herath’s article is a call for action, not for thought. The author claims that it is never too late to act; however, the sooner people begin take care for nature, the easier it would be for them to turn it round.




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