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The scholarly database

There are significant differences between a scholarly database and a website. Students have to use the scholarly database in order to be confident in the quality of their works. The essay will consider the difference between a scholarly database and a website as well as characteristic features of the sites that provide credible information.


The scholarly database has the following features. First, it is necessary to subscribe to the library in order to access the database at home. Scholarly database resources are paid; thus, authorization is required. These resources allow a person to find articles written by experts and approved by other professionals, which ensures the accuracy of data. A lot of articles in scholarly databases are checked by special commissions and editors before they are printed in scientific journals. The database provides clear information about the date of information publication, country, and the type of an article. The search of articles is performed using scientific keywords.

The search of information through web sites becomes rather popular. However, the website can be created by any person or an organization. The relevant information may be untrue or incorrect. Internet is free to use; therefore, the user does not pay for viewing the site. Websites are easily accessible through search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Moreover, some sites even provide topics for search or help a person to choose keywords (Databases vs. Websites, n.d.).

It is quite difficult to determine whether a site is trustworthy; nevertheless, there are some important tips. Information is credible if there is a known author, contact information, date, and the sources of information used. The site is efficiently designed, grammar and spelling are also checked by the authors (Purdue Online Writing Lab, n.d.).


In conclusion, students have to use credible sources such as the scholarly databases and tested websites in order to create high-quality scientific works being confident in the reliability of the information provided.

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