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Drugs and Crime

The question that emerged after reading the ‘Crack-ing the Media Myth’ article is: Are media portrayals contributing to criminal and justice exercises? The state’s citizens have been finding fault with the Federal Narcotics Sentencing Policy for a long time. It has been associated with biases regarding the ethnic and racial disparities. The argument revolves around the cocaine and the crack users. According to the media portrayals, crack users are more likely to commit crime than the powder users. Further arguments state that crack dealers are the minorities in the state depicting incongruity in judicial matters.


However, the research analysis shows negligible instances of mistreatment of crack abusing lawbreakers. Apart from one gender offense of a cocaine abuser and a particular ethnic case concerning a crack user, there are no facts behind the media portrayals. According to the research, today, there are negligible instances related to drugs, race, and ethnicity as claimed by the minorities. Nonetheless, the paper reports that the majority of the victims of drug-related abuse in the country are the minorities. According to the media’s description, however, up to the year 2000, the amount of nicotine consumed and the number of individuals arrested for the crimes were correlated. In cases where the lawbreaker’s personalities appeared to be damaged were instances where general comments on the offenders were made. According to statistics, blacks constitute the largest number of offenders, followed by Hispanics. The media has currently diverted its resources from the issue and is concentrating on terror and war attacks rather than drug offenders. Consequently, the judges have lightened the sentencing policies on the drug offenders.

In conclusion, crack offenders were found to be larger in numbers compared to the powder offenders. Surely, the public opinion has an impact on the judicial judgment passed on the drug offenders. Moreover, several types of research have been conducted to determine whether the media influences the judiciary system or not, and no relationship has been found so far. Similarly, the general media’s comments cannot cause the public to warrant their opinions and impact the judicial hearings of the criminals as claimed in the ‘Cracking the Media Myth’ article.

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