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Investigation of Violent, Property and Other Crimes

The whole course was compelling to me. This comes from the fact that I have always been immensely interested in criminal justice. I have always wanted to explore on what criminal justice entails through the elaborate course of study. Lucky enough, the current course made me realize this ambition. Specifically, I was mostly interested in the laws of evidence. I appreciated the fact that the laws are a crucial part of the justice system and their primary role is to ensure the achievement of a just result. In addition, I appreciated the fact that prevailing in court demands an excellent comprehension of the rules of evidence in the venue (Friedman, 2005). I came to realize that the rules might differ depending on the nature of the venue, for instance, in a criminal court or civil court. What was most outstanding was the purpose of the rules, which was to ensure fairness to both parties, and in the process, to disallow the use of baseless allegations that lack proven fact. As I now continue with my classes on criminal justice, I increasingly become excited and rejuvenated to start my new career.


In addition, participating in discussions helped me understand the subject matter in various ways. First, the discussions made me appreciate the value of teamwork. Teamwork is the idea that two people working together can accomplish more than two people working separately (Segal-Horn, 2004). I was able to see the insights of my peers concerning the topics under study by participating in the discussion boards. This enabled me to grasp information that I could have missed or misunderstood. There were times when I went to the discussion board and got a kick start, especially in the event that I had not understood. When I saw what another person had written, I got an excellent comprehension and came up with an idea on where to look for information. I was also able to check with my friends on my progress with the assignment. As a result, participating in group discussions was significantly beneficial to me, as I achieved the full advantages of the teamwork.

On the same note, the group discussions enabled the simplification of all the concepts that at first seemed complicated. For instance, I initially faced difficulties in understanding the concept of rules of evidence. I could not understand why the courts could not use hearsay as evidence. However, when I raised the question on the discussion board, I got satisfactory explanations that resulted in my appreciation of the concept. As a result, I can comfortably affirm that, so far, there is nothing that is still unclear or needs further clarification.

There are other approaches that could have brought additional valuable information. The first in mind would have been to take additional advantage of the materials found in the CTU website. This could have simplified my research processes, as well as improving my analytical and writing skills. However, I tried to get information on my own, a practice that made me frustrated at times. I sometimes faced discouragement, as I could not locate necessary information with ease, which led to the conclusion that studying criminal justice was hard. On the contrary, with the CTU website, I have become rejuvenated and ready for challenges. Besides, I needed to engage in further conversation with my peers in order to help. Though I participated in the group discussions, I feel that I could have had maximum benefits and I fully involved myself.

I have always had a problem of personality. I fear asking for help. However, the present course has made me come up with an action plan on how to overcome this problem. I will involve myself fully in group discussions and hope that this practice will help me excel in my future classes.

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