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Real Estate Law: Making Home Affordable

The website that is under analysis is called Making Home Affordable (MHA). This is an interesting and useful program under Obama Administration’s supervision that gives the opportunities to prevent foreclosures and make mortgages easier for those who need that. Moreover, this program helps to bring the market of houses to stability, thus, improving the high economic level of the country. This website is a helping hand to all those who have problems with housing and finding the best decision to solve the problems.


MHA suggests the reasons for a person to use this program; for example, divorce may have possibly lead to certain financial crisis to people who went through it. Medical issues are also quite frequent and important cases, after which people may loose a lot of money and it may be hard for them to see the next step to make the life easier. The website’s main idea and strong belief is being a proactive person. This program can be a real helper for those who face the problem and do not just sit and wait for it to be solved by somebody else, but do something and are in constant search of finding the best solution. The website looks very interesting and easy to navigate. It gives all the necessary and important information in a clear and open way, which helps its visitors to trust this program and start doing something in order to get the needed help. Moreover, the website has a library of helpful videos and real stories. This is an official program supported by Treasury and Housing Development Department of the United States.

The MHA suggests a number of opportunities and variants for all their visitors. In some cases, when there is no chance for a person to own a house, there are several hints provided by this company considering the problem of foreclosure. If the person is unemployed he or she also has a chance to have a home with the MHA’s help and advice. Every website visitor has a possibility and a real chance to get help or some useful answers to the most urgent questions and search for the right program for every life situation.

The MHA suggests choosing one variant of the list of possible options for those who are interested in buying a house but experience some sort of personal financial crisis at that moment. There are various modification programs and refinance or foreclosure alternative programs that are based on the personal situation of every client. Nevertheless, the website stresses on the fact that everything is possible only for those who are active and do a lot to achieve their goals and finally solve their problems with home. The MHA website points out, that the time a person spends searching for the right program is never spent in vain and the solution will be found.

Moreover, a person should be committed to a mortgage servicer and help him or her to obtain all the necessary and required information. One of the most difficult but important tasks for a person who is willing to be or to stay a homeowner, is to collect a lot of additional documented information, proving his or her ability to provide payments that would be calculated for the situation. It can be useful to remember that for mortgage servicer foreclosures cost more than loans and any other kinds of payment modifications.

There are three important documents that will be required by the housing counselor: a detailed document about a person’s loan, the information considering the current homeowner’s financial position and documental proof of the future income. The total amount of documents presented and their quality level matter for the future decision, considering the program option chosen specially for the homeowner’s situation.

However, it can be impossible for a housing counselor to achieve a positive result if the client does not do anything. So, being proactive and worried about the future decision is important for all the homeowners and those who want to avoid foreclosures or mortgaging of their homes. Moreover, there is a question of cooperation that can also influence the whole situation directly.
The partnership program became popular because of the growth of successful work of MHA; many people are grateful to this program for saving their homes and providing others with their new homes. That is why the support system of partnership is highly developed and productive. The MHA Company provides marketing materials for free to their partners in order to help various homeowners to get to know all possible opportunities that MHA can provide for them.

All the partners have a possibility to be trained and educated by the company in order to ensure their membership and become a real expert and a good advisor to all those people of the nearest community that dream to own a home. In addition, they can support their partners by answering the questions, listen and discuss various concerns and possible decisions or help with the system’s navigation.

Besides, partners can increase the number of people who get mortgage. They can do it by writing articles and explaining all the opportunities and advantages of this program. Advertising with the help of posters, messages, letters and partner’s websites can be helpful and productive for the program and its users. Partners are supported to make business and law presentations and community meetings explaining the advantages and possible decisions that can be created by the professional advisers of the MHA Company.


The most important aim of this company is to inform people of the possible opportunities, let them choose the best variant for them, and encourage them to be active in solving their own problems. This website shows that finding certain solutions to people’s problems is important for the government. Every person with a problem of mortgaging or foreclosure has a perfect opportunity to find a solution or to ask the advisor and get an answer. The MHA is a good program that is eager to help every person who needs this help and does a lot to achieve their main aim in life and to make a dream of owning a house come true.

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