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The Death Penalty

Sociopath and the Death Sentence

Antisocial personality disorder is defined as a pervasive disregard and violation of the right of other people. This behavior begins in childhood, continues in early adolescence and matures in adulthood. Many people diagnosed to have this type of behavior possess the characteristics of shallow emotions, distorted sense of self and constant search for a new sensation, which results to bizarre consequences. In adolescence, the victims have a tendency of verbally or physically abuse their peers and relatives, and also manipulating others without remorse or empathy for their subjects.


Before any violent criminals sentencing is made, it is always necessary to take them through a medical checkup for brain imaging. The research shows that about 20% of American inmates are sociopaths while about half of them are responsible for serious and violent crimes. Studies demonstrate that many accused may have been given a lesser sentence if a brain imaging test had been performed. The other forms of punishment would have been provided for them such as probation rather than capital punishment. Sociopath is genetically related to nature and thus the society needs to be sensitized about the people they live with so as to take caution.

In the case stated above, Prince was a minor at the time of sentencing and the maximum sentence a minor can get is training school detention. Social justice appears to have a weakness in these forms of judgment. Capital punishment would have been a better way to offer justice for people who commit serious crimes such as those committed by Prince. Plato advocated for scientifically administered punishments, which may not form the actual cure for a criminal offence. According to him, capital punishment was a preserve for the incurable wicked men who would better get the punishment, than those who in their propensity succeed to avoid the greatest punishment. The mere pain infliction makes victims worse than they were, the only cure is to shape their character in ways approved by the authorities.

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