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Causes and Treatment of Addiction

Each year, millions of people suffer from a chronic brain disorder, commonly known as addiction (Matthews, 2010). According to the statistics, the USA consumes 60% of illegal drugs (Institute of Addiction Medicine, 2007). The scientists hypothesize that addiction is mostly prevalent among adults. For instance, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2008) pointed out that 80% of American youth are addicted to drugs and alcohol. In this case, it is highly recommended to determine the main causes of addiction, such as genetic tendency (addiction is inherited), mental health concerns (people use painkillers in order to get rid of depression or anxiety), environmental consideration (children who were born in addicted families are likely to have addiction), lack of spiritual connection (disbelievers use drug substances in order to feel better), low self-esteem (people who hate themselves use drugs with the purpose to shorten their lives), and ethnicity (the societies, which accept a certain type of drugs are likely to be addicted, comparing to other societies that have these drugs banned) (Hester & Miller, 2003).


Undoubtedly, the individualized and comprehensive approaches play an important role in the establishment of a successful treatment (Katzman & Geppert, 2008). In 2006 the scientists have developed a comprehensive method of treatment that includes a concentration on improvement of overall health and mental condition, an exploration of spirituality through faith-based communities, and a transformation of social surrounding and extension of social networks (Venner et al, 2006). All in all, by working with a person who suffers from addiction, the caregivers should pay attention to physical and spiritual background of the patient in order to improve a success of the recovery process. Furthermore, the support from family, colleagues, friends, and professional medical care will positively influence the treatment.

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