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Health and Medicine: Relationships

A family relationship is a consanguinity and affinity relationship that involves individuals who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption, including parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, stepparents, and grandparents. A professional relationship involves people who collaborate in an organization as colleagues, coworkers, or partners. In a friendship relationship, individuals develop a common thought or behavior consisting of mutual love, trust, respect, and unconditional acceptance. A romantic relationship is an informal intimate relationship characterized by respect, commitment, trust, intimacy, and passion. A platonic relationship is devoid of any sexual desires and is often between two people of the opposite sex. Brotherhood or sisterhood relationships are formed by those sharing a common cause or interests such as formal membership in clubs, fraternities, and alumni of schools. Acquaintance relationships involve individuals who simply know each other through few interactions. Such relationships lack closeness and in-depth information.


Fostering healthy relationships with family members, colleagues, and partners is crucial. Individuals in any relationship ought to treat one another with respect, act in good faith, and be honest, loyal, and accountable. Additionally, they need to appreciate and care for each other, offer support, and have an open communication.


Communication is imperative in a relationship, as it builds emotional intimacy and expresses one’s unknown opinions or beliefs to others, helping them understand and support a person. Regarding sexuality, one should ensure they inform their partners, colleagues, and family to elicit their response and opinions. One’s sexuality may affect a relationship, as it may be accepted or denied depending on the beliefs of the other parties. For example, a person in a gay relationship may not be accepted by family or colleagues at the workplace. Contraceptive methods ought to be discussed between partners in a relationship because one’s choice may not necessarily be accepted by the partner and may result in a discord between them. Some partners may prefer condom use while others may prefer using hormonal methods of birth control such as OCPs. Communicating ideas between people helps them make unified decisions and sustain a healthy relationship.

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