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Kinesiology is simply the scientific study of body movements. It is applicable in different human health fields. These are orthopedics, biomechanics, rehabilitation, sport psychology strength and conditioning, sports exercises, occupational and physical therapy. Kinesiology and the immediate environment have a close relationship. Kinesiology experts can work in different environments. These include the clinical setting, fitness industry, research and general industrial environment. Kinesiology addresses both the emotional and biochemical environment of an individual thus focusing on the health as a whole. It does not address the symptoms but only deals with the environment of the physical body.

Environmental Issues in Kinesiology

The first environmental consideration in kinesiology is physical environment of an individual. The first of three key areas that determine health is physical structure both muscular and skeletal. The immediate physical environment is directly responsible for maintenance of an individual’s physical balance. Kinesiology applies both the knowledge of the body’s internal and external environments to monitor the physical structure of an individual. The internal environment is in terms of monitoring muscle patterns in the body to determine any imbalances (Greenlee 35). The external environment is also crucial during physical exercises and general body positioning. Kinesiologists can use the external environment for treatment and correction of the physical body, such as hot baths and massage to cure the body fatigue. They alter the external environment in order to balance body functioning. Kinesiologists also provide advice and consultation on the matters involving industrial and other working environments. They provide recommendations to ensure individual’s safety and optimum body functioning.

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The second aspect of environment in kinesiology is biochemical environment. This deals mainly with nutrition and maintenance of the body’s physiological processes. It also involves both the internal and external body environment. Kinesiologists observe the internal environment to determine any imbalances in body fluids (Hinson 64). They also observe physiological processes of the body to determine whether the body has any imbalances. The external environment is useful in the sense that it is the source of all the nutritional requirements of the body. The cause of some internal body imbalances can occur due to toxins in the external environment from pollution of food, water and air. Kinesiologists therefore observe both trends in the external environment to manage internal body functioning (Hoffman 188).

The final aspect of environment in kinesiology is an individual’s emotional environment. In this aspect, kinesiology examines both the internal neural setup and the external emotional environment of an individual. This knowledge assists the kinesiologist to know the causes of neuromuscular and neural diseases as well as other mental disorders. In this aspect, the expert knows whether the cause of an individual’s emotional imbalance is from within or from the external environment ( Ewert 25). They also work with individuals from home and clinics to help ensure an emotional balance by considering all the aspects of an individual. From the knowledge of all the three aspects and the environmental issues surrounding them, kinesiologists have come up with techniques which they apply in health maintenance and restoration. These are Total Body Modification (TBM), Neurological Integration System (NIS) and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). They apply a simple concept that the body is like an electric circuit where a small breakdown on one part leads to the massive breakdown of the whole system to guide them in application of all the techniques (American Society for Healthcare Risk Management 105).


Kinesiology deals with balance of three aspects of the human body. These are the physical, the chemical and the emotional perspectives. Therefore, the kinesiology experts should have adequate awareness and knowledge of the immediate environment. They must also have full awareness of the issues surrounding the immediate environment of an individual. In this way, the experts are able to carry out their duties in ensuring proper health and body functioning. From the essay, it is evident that there exist key environmental issues in kinesiology that affect the process of maintaining holistic body health.

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