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Management and Decision-Making in Nursing

The today’s healthcare environment is complex. Numerous factors, such as health policies, technology, economics, media, family, culture, and ethical and legal issues, influence it. Multiple management and decision-making approaches allow nurses and healthcare providers to become confident, flexible, insightful, and critical decision-makers. Thus, management and decision-making are crucial issues for nurses since they help them became effective healthcare providers.


The healthcare landscape is continuously and rapidly changing. Therefore, nurse executives should manage and make their decisions in innovative ways (Simmons College, n.d.). Payment and reimbursement depend on the delivery of positive outcomes, since the healthcare system and respective institutions become increasingly complex. Thus, considering the current healthcare environment, it is crucial to make quick and well thought-out decisions.

Decision-making and management in nursing are the conceptual and dynamic processes that entail the choosing of the best alternative solutions that may affect patient outcomes. They involve different types of activities, such as intelligence activity, designing activity, and choice activity. First, a healthcare provider establishes objectives. Second, he/she prioritizes and classifies them, and then develops a set of alternative actions. Third, a healthcare provider determines all alternatives against initial objectives, makes a tentative decision, and evaluates actions to prevent any possible consequences. Finally, he/she takes action. In addition, there are two models of healthcare decision-making: the intuitive-humanist model and the information processing model. The multidimensional model that contains elements of both models could also be used. It examines a patient’s specific conditions along with the processing of information.


In conclusion, effective management and decision making are crucial in today’s healthcare system. They involve four steps, from establishing objectives to making final decisions. In addition, healthcare providers recognize the intuitive-humanist and information processing models of decision-making.

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