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Medical Abortion

Abortion is a termination of pregnancy that leads to the death of an embryo. The first recollection of abortion dates back to the ancient times. They were performed be means of different aborticides, such as abortive herbs, various sharp appliances, abdominal pressure and other utilizations. Until the 19th century there was no ban on abortion. The Great Britain was the first country to set up an antiabortion law in 1803. The United States of America and many other countries followed England and in about half a century abortion became illegal. Nevertheless, there were some reminders of this procedure in the cases when mothers needed protection. After that many women began simulating the threat to their lives in order to get an allowance to make an abortion. Consequently, the government lifted the prohibition of this procedure (Feder, and Jody 125).


Starting from 1973, the national legalization on abortion has reached the divergence in views whether to proscribe abortion or to increase the access to this procedure. Without any doubt, this dilemma has led to many heated debates amidst government, religious characters, politicians and judges. The argument about abortion became a very controversial subject in the last few decades (Feder, and Jody 126). Approximately 44 million of abortions are performed in the world every year. Nowadays abortion is compared to murdering. That is why the question is: why court sentences those who murder someone and do not do anything with callous mothers? Does unborn baby not have the same rights to be protected as anyone in this unfair world? Abortion is definitely not right, because even an unborn baby has the right to live. Nevertheless, abortion is considered to be legal all over the world, though it is wrong and inhumane to kill someone, even in the stage of partial development.

First of all, before making a serious decision to abort an embryo, women should remember what their religion is preaching. If, for instance, the woman is Buddhist, there is no concern for her to commit abortion. The Buddhist code accentuates that every single life begins at fertilization and abortion is a complete destruction of life. That is why abortion should be rejected among the women of this belief. As for the Christianity, here one can observe divergences in views. There is no mentioning about abortion in the Christian Bible. That is why scholars reached disagreement on how to feel about abortion. Some of them claimed that making this procedure equals committing a sin, which is unforgivable according to the Bible. However, others affirmed that embryo does not have a soul; consequently, abortion is not considered as murder. Currently, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches compare abortion to immoral actions, yet, they cannot prohibit it. Islamic rules are little bit different from the previously described religions.

Most Islamic scholars have made a conclusion that women cannot perform abortion after 120 day, after which, as they believe, an embryo becomes a living soul. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rules, especially when the life of woman is under the threat or she was raped. Views of Jewish on abortion are also contradictious. On the one hand, the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud states that fetus is not considered as a person until the time it is delivered. On the other hand, orthodox Jews are against the abortion after the 40th day (Hoffman, and Johnson 234).

Every year more than a million abortions are performed due to unwanted pregnancy, birth defects, inability to take care of a baby or rape (Berer, and Michael 204). One could agree that birth defect and rape are those reasons which cannot be controlled and judged. According to the data of The Center for Bioethical Reform, 15000 women in the U.S. are the victims of rape. As for the world’s figures, the numbers are shocking – 420000 victims. Of course, these numbers are not accurate, since not every woman divulges the information about rape. The reason of this is the feeling of guilt and shame. Those women afraid of talks behind their backs regardless the fact that they are, in fact, not guilty. Most victims of rape perform abortion due to the unwillingness to carry the baby of the rapist (Berer, and Michael 204). Many of them claim that they would rather perform another act of violence than carry this baby.

Taking into consideration the unwanted pregnancy, one cannot agree that these factors should be the reasons for mother to kill her child, since there is no excuse for murdering. Inappropriate healthcare centers, insecure means of contraception are the basic reasons of undesirable pregnancy. As a result, the unwanted pregnancy is the most widespread motive of performing abortion around the globe (Tietze 89). Most women affirm that it is not a good or appropriate time for having a baby, they are still not ready or they are afraid of the responsibilities (Tietze 90). Other causes that women state to be reasonable for a child murdering are socioeconomic conditions, unemployment or difficult working conditions, education, contentious relationships with the father of the child, or an early age.

Additionally, another point for avoiding abortion is unpredictable and negative consequences for mother’s health. World Health Organization (WHO) evaluates that approximately 19 million risky and unsafe abortions are performed almost every year (Ahman, and Shah74). A lot of women who interrupt their pregnancies are already married and have children, though the vast majority of those who are committing abortion are teenagers and career orientated women. The average age of women, who are making an abortion, is 15 – 30 years, 60 % of which are suffering from unsafe abortion. According to data from WHO, in the year of 2000, 68000 women passed away because of the complications after unsafe abortion (Ahman, and Shah 76).

There are various complications that may arise after making an abortion. One of the causes is sterility. Scientists have proved that approximately 5 % of aborted women cannot give birth after this procedure. In addition to sterility, women can experience ectopic pregnancies, when an embryo is located outside the uterine cavity. It can lead to death if not treated in time. Another serious damage to an organism of a mother is cervical disease. As a rule, cervix is rigid and tightly closed. However, in order to make an abortion, it must be stretched open. As a result of this stretched opening, the cervix muscles and uterine wall get microscopic tearing. Another possible negative outcome of abortion is catching a venereal disease. Mainly it happens due to the negligence and unskillfulness of doctors. There are also minor complications, but still they are harmful for health. Among them are bleeding, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and other minor infections (D’Silva 112).

Among the psychological deviations doctors consider not as many as physical complications. The most common positive reaction after abortion is relief. It is proved that the vast majority of women, especially among teenagers, are happy that everything is over. Those women also claim that they stop feel under the pressure. This emotion is understandable among the victims of rape; however, the percentage of them being questioned is only 25, while the rest 75 % were just not ready to have a baby. Nevertheless, the feeling of relief is temporary and it precedes by emotional paralysis or numbness. Indeed, most of questioned women made a confession that, even though they did not want to have a baby, they started feeling emptiness and numbness after a several days. Scientists explain this as a post-abortion syndrome, when former mothers regret committing abortion. Apart from that, 30 – 50 % of aborted women experience short and long-term sexual dysfunctions (D’Silva 114).

Once woman got pregnant and for some reasons she does not want to raise a child, a possible alternative to abortion is adoption. This is a reasonable option, since a lot of couples around the world are infertile or it happens to be very difficult and dangerous for a mother to carry the baby. Those ill-fated couples are waiting impatiently for having a baby while somebody mercilessly is killing his or her progeny. Furthermore, adoption is a possible way out to stay sinless to some extent. There is no doubt that babies would appreciate coming into the world, growing up, if not with biological parents then at least with those, who love them and take care of them. A lot of aborted women suffer from constant pain and discomfort without any presumption that they had a chance to save their babies life by giving him or her for adoption (Ahman, and Shah 84).


Some mothers sometimes do not realize that a children’s heart start beating during the first three months and in most times abortion is performed within these three months. They just think that abortion is an easy solution to all their problems. However, frankly speaking, how can murdering be an easy solution? Unborn baby is an innocent human being that deserves the right to exist in this world. No one has a right to deprive a single human of his or her life.

All in all, abortion is a very serious problem in our society. The process of abortion must be severely prohibited by the law, except for the incidents of rape, incest or threat to mothers’ life. Every person is alive and was born once. Every woman before performing an abortion must remind herself, what it would be if her mother killed her. The answer is easy, because she would not be alive and thinking about doing the same. That is why it is vital to think twice in order not to regret the whole life afterwards.

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