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Nursing Community

Different community organizations offer ample platform for the experience of clinical matters. The main objective of this paper is to discuss my public health experience, when I worked with the community. I was assigned to a church, and different activities were undertaken with the community members. The activities were majorly community based as I intended to improve the health status of the community members. Some of the activities undertaken included educating the community members on various clinical matters. In addition, I got an opportunity to take a shot at being a care provider, advocate, educator, researcher, collaborator, and leader.

The church offered me a great chance to explore all the various activities that are necessary in my field. Together with my three friends, we successfully engaged the whole community in various beneficial ideas, activities, and information. The first objective of the whole training was educating the community. According to my plan, the educational part was to cover a range of subjects, which seemed to be a real challenge for the community. Considering the contemporary lifestyle and activities of the most people in the world, the issues of health received a minimal attention. However, this has a negative impact on their health condition. With this fact in mind, we set off to educate the community on the health matters. The major question concerned eating habits of the local people. Statistics indicate that people in the area mostly relied on the fast foods, especially with the thriving fast foods business. For this reason, most people, especially the youth, suffer from obesity and other diet related diseases.

We tried to educate the public on healthy eating, mentioning various benefits of consuming healthy foods. Healthy eating is a decision, which comes with choosing to have a healthy lifestyle. In our education programs, we offered the community members different activities, which they could engage in and make their life much healthier. Some people were receptive to the sport activities including morning jogs, football, basketball and many other games. Involvement in the community service activities such as clean ups and environment conservancy would help improve their lifestyles. Swimming is an activity that most people in the community seemed to enjoy. Therefore, we encouraged them to prove that swimming is a healthy sport to other community members (Sines, Appleby, & Frost, 2005). Having educated the community on the healthy eating habits and lifestyles, the following programs focused on management of chronic diseases in the region.

Consulting with the medical practitioners, we understood that blood pressure and diabetes were the major illnesses reported by the community. It was necessary to have an overview on the two diseases in order to plan special programs that involved blood pressure management and diabetes teaching. As for the blood pressure management, our lessons prescribed lose of extra pounds, regular exercising, having healthy diets, reduced amounts of alcohol, and minimal sodium intake. The same was applied to the diabetes teaching, where we extensively taught the community on the ways to manage and control the disease (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004).

Other activities undertaken in relation to the community wellbeing included safety measurements, hand washing, and infection prevention. As future nurses, we understand the importance of safety measurements, hand washing, and infection prevention for human health. It is necessary for people to take precautions in all the undertakings to avoid getting unnecessary infections and diseases. This can be achieved through the simple steps such as hand washing and other safety measures. Therefore, we managed to settle various hand washing spots in the public places such as schools, social gathering areas, and toilet areas. Such measures seemed to help the community, as the reports and records of illnesses due to dirt declined remarkably (Anderson & McFarlane, 2008). Infection prevention is a practice, which can be easily adhered to by any individual in order to avoid medication on a regular basis.

Working with the community, I have been able to play different roles as a care provider, educator, advocate, collaborator, researcher and leader. Through the different activities, I managed to exhibit my leadership and community outreach abilities. All the mentioned qualities are necessary for a nurse, as this profession involves dealing with people at various levels of work. These interactions call for possession of numerous features, which will be helpful in performing of different duties. On another level, the community is well endowed with several resources, where each individual can seek help and advice on various clinical matters.

For instance, the community has more than three health centers, where different activities are held on a monthly basis. During my stay at the area, the health centers conducted clinical activities such as screening blood pressure checks, mammogram, blood sugar checks, cholesterol and other necessary medical conditions. The most interesting was the fact that the check-ups and screening were all done free of charge and the community members were encouraged to attend the sessions. Besides, this helps to identify medical problems at an early stage and people can seek for early medical attention. This was further improved as I took part in the activities such as testing for blood pressure. The above activities greatly improved my nursing experience from a practical point of view. The community offered me my first practical experience, and I managed to interact with people of diverse thoughts and ideologies. More so, I learnt so much on interventions that can be implemented to promote good health in the community.

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