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Nursing Leadership

Modern hospitals offer very challenging job for nurses. They constantly compete with each other while trying to ensure maximum customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, nurses cannot fulfill their expectations without taking leadership position. Positive changes in service quality are impossible without strong leadership skills. Moreover, hospitals must ally their targets, including qualitative care, while retaining professional staff. This paper is dedicated to transformational leadership and its characteristics.


Nurses Who Hold Leadership Position Foster More Active Interaction Between Their Colleagues

An efficient work at the hospital is impossible without productive interaction between various employees. However, only nurses who promote leadership position help uncover the hidden potential of their coworkers (Schwartz et al., 2011). All people are able to bring positive changes if they operate in a friendly environment. Reliable leaders invoke trust, which promotes efficient coordination of mutual effort (Schwartz et al., 2011). When people feel that their team cannot disappoint them, they begin to act positively in a group, making the overall progress.

Building thriving corporate culture is one of the key elements for competitive medical fa-cilities (Hood, 2014). Moreover, leadership behavior helps other employees become a part of one team. They may share all their difficulties with each other when they know that other coworkers have positive attitude concerning their skills. As a result, such environment creates strong com-mitment to the organization (Schwartz et al., 2011). Commitment, in its turn, helps retain the ma-jority of personnel.

Workers with leadership position inspire other employees, because they have important values (Schwartz, Spencer, Wilson, & Wood, 2011). They reflect humanity, which creates reliable atmosphere. Additionally, such leaders not only foster these values but also provide qualitative service. Positive outcomes are crucial for hospitals as it builds competitive advantage.

Organizations that Have Many Leaders Inside of Corporate Culture Can Make Significant Changes

Only nurses with strong leadership skills have an ability to influence the decisions of oth-er people. Through this influence they make changes not only in corporate culture but in the cus-tomer service as well (Schwartz et al., 2011). For example, those nurses who managed to build trust with other employees are not afraid to express their opinion. Moreover, their colleagues lis-ten to their advice and change their behavior for the benefit of the facility.

Transformational leadership is also important for the hospital’s vision and targets (Schwartz et al., 2011). Only leading nurses care about the plans of their organization. Apart from being involved in the daily procedures, they constantly think how to improve their work (Hood, 2014). Thus, leaders are aware of the hospital’s targets and interested in delivering the necessary result. Moreover, leaders are likely to share the vision with other colleagues, because they prefer to work in a team (Schwartz et al., 2011). Such people have good communicative skills and tend to assist other workers. They know how to make the vital decisions, which fosters overall progress (Schwartz et al., 2011). Additionally, these decisions usually coincide with the hospital’s goals.


Competition among hospitals requires to hire nurses with advanced leadership skills. They are concerned about the work productivity and efficiency that can be attainable only with the help of strong leadership and communicative skills. Moreover, encouraging collaboration, leaders are able to achieve friendly atmosphere inside of the facility.

Nurses with leadership traits promote mutual understanding and assist others in their skills development. They are open-minded and ready to express their opinion to make a change. Furthermore, they know how to influence other people to cultivate a positive attitude towards work. Such behavior ensures qualitative work and maximum customer satisfaction. Since the majority of hospitals is customer-oriented they focus on positive outcomes to fulfill their initial vision.

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