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Nursing Process and Research Process

The nursing research process and the nursing process are similar yet clearly different functions of nursing (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2014). Nursing process refers to the planning and provision of health care to particular individuals. On the other hand, the research process is a formal, systematic and a rigorous process of gaining knowledge about people in terms of the diverse environments and the nursing practice. The current paper points out fundamental similarities and differences between the nursing and the research process.


A significant similarity between the research and treatment process is that both refer to the processes that strictly follow a set procedure. Therefore, both practices must abide by the set rules and regulations to ensure that the processes are carried out thoroughly and produce reliable results. However, there exist fundamental differences between the two methods.

Firstly, the main agenda of the nursing process is to provide primary care to patients. On the contrary, the central objective of the research is the acquisition of new knowledge. Secondly, the implementation of procedures for the nursing research is entirely different from that of the nursing practice. According to Ward, Furber, Tierney, and Swallow(2013), nursing research calls for the intellectual discipline to execute the process according to the instructions unlike the nursing process where mental discipline may not be a requirement. Thirdly, the focus of the research process is to some extent abstract and theoretical unlike that of the nursing process where the focus is more specific and well-defined. Lastly, the main outcome of the research process is the acquisition of new knowledge unlike the outcomes of nursing methods where the end result is revealed in the maintenance of changes in terms of family, patient and community health.


In conclusion, research process and nursing process are clearly different in terms of their purpose and results. However, the nursing process is likely to become more scientific in the future due to the incorporation of the evidence-based practice in the nursing field.

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