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Religion: Malcolm X

Religion is basically an attitude which humans have towards a set of sacred beliefs that concerns humankind the most. Religion involves believing in the existence of one God, who not only created all of us, but who also cares for us. There are different virtues which religion usually advocates for, like loving one another, caring for those in need, accepting other people’s value in the society and much more. This paper is going to discuss the attitude which Malcolm X had towards religion before and after undergoing a transformative moment in his life, as well as his contributions to the Negro community in the United States.


Malcolm X was raised by Reverend Earl Little and Louse Little – his parents. His father was a person who was self-determined in his work of enhancing unity to the black people. Malcolm was raised during the times of oppression of the black people by the whites who were not only practicing racism, but were also trying to stop Reverend Earl from preaching to the blacks. Although racism was a challenge during the early life of Malcolm, later on he managed to go to school with a determination of becoming a lawyer in future. At school, Malcolm was discouraged by his white teacher who told him the only thing he could become in life was just a carpenter. The sentiments of the white teacher have contributed to Malcolm’s dropping out of school, since his words made him view the whites as being the devil.

At that point, Malcolm changed his attitude towards the white people and he started treating them the same way they were treating him. Later on, Malcolm was convicted and sent to prison, where he not only learned about Islam but also joined the Nation of Islam. In prison, Malcolm embraced the teaching of Elijah Muhammad, which helped to transform him and upon his release from prison in 1952 he was an absolutely changed person. After being released, Malcolm managed to go to Detroit, where he involved himself with the daily routine of the sect under the instruction of Elijah Muhammad. Moreover, Malcolm’s commitment to the sect made a significant impact on the organization in the United States and this made him famous internationally. His popularity attracted the attention of the news reporters who interviewed him over what he was saying about the whites.

The television programs, which featured Malcolm’s interviews, helped to spread his opinion about the oppression of the blacks across the United States. Later on, he spoke at the universities, as well as other platforms, whereby his words conveyed a powerful message about the discrimination of the Negros, the whites, as well as all kinds of accusation against them. Although the Islam Nation perceived the whites as being in a position to save the situation, Malcolm kept on preaching that the whites were the devil, while Elijah Muhammad was a messenger of God who was going to help in the process of liberating people. Malcolm’s words were welcomed by many blacks and some people who had white-complex, since all of them had a realization that the Negros needed to be treated with kindness instead of being treated as slaves.

In 1964, Malcolm left the Nation of Islam due to the revelations about the sexual immorality of Elijah Muhammad and this made him develop an idea of starting his own organization. Being determined with his idea, Malcolm decides to go to Mecca, which was considered to be a Holy Land of God, and along with his journey, he met with different people of different colors. In addition, the people he met were honoring one God and were showing respect to one another, thus this made Malcolm change the way he perceived the white people. At the Holy Land of God, Malcolm sat with the Muslims who had the white complexion, ate with them from the same plate and worshiped together with them which influenced the way he perceived people. Therefore, the brotherhood of the Muslim community made Malcolm realize that the white men simply meant attitudes and actions. This was contrasting the meaning of the word in the United States, whereby it meant attitudes and action towards the Negros. In essence, Malcolm felt that there was a need for America to embrace the Islam religion, since that was the only way to eradicate the issue of racism.

The journey to Mecca led to the transformation of Malcolm’s attitude towards the white men, since the journey helped him to broaden his thoughts in relation to the diversification of all races. Malcolm’s change of attitude in the way he perceived the whites led to change of behavior, since after the journey he tried to urge the Americans to honor one another. He believed that this could only be achieved through the act of embracing the spirit of brotherhood in the lives of the Americans. Moreover, at Mecca, Malcolm learned that the Muslims associated freely with the people who were economists, capitalists and the communists, hence, he had hope that this will also happen in United States in the future.


In conclusion, Malcolm lived a life of determination, whereby he always focused on what he wanted to achieve, as well as on the way he could transform the environment which he lived in. His spirit of determination has contributed to his fight towards the liberation of the Negros and whom he became later in his life. In addition, Malcolm’s attitude towards the whites has contributed to his conversion to Islam but later on after being converted, he learned that the whites were not as bad as he perceived them to be. Therefore, he ended up urging the Americans to embrace Islam in order to achieve a transformed nation.

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