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The New Testament in the Life of the Christian

The Bible is an exceptional and inexhaustible book in which all is said about God and about a man. Through the New Testament, God opens and gives humans the knowledge of His Mystery. The man recognizes himself in the Gospels from different sides, from both the brightest and the dark corners of his soul; thus, he can analyze and improve his life, as well as find salvation. The New Testament includes the doctrine of the religious order, divine truth but also human knowledge. In the New Testament, a person recognizes himself and is surprised. In addition, the Scripture teaches a reader repeatedly. Everything in the sacred book, according to Apostle Paul, is given to people for guidance. The words in the Bible, the lessons on the life experience of the Israeli and their actions involve the character and basis of the New Testament. Thus, there is no single principle that does not have its roots and formation grounded on the New Testament.


The Gospel of Matthew is extremely orderly and laconic. In chapter 6: 9-13, St. Matthew explains how to pray to God, and chapter 22: 37-40 presents two main commandments about love to the Lord and to the others. As for me, Matthew’s Gospel is an excellent introduction to the foundations of the Christian doctrine. The logical style of presentation allows finding different topics. It is especially useful for understanding that Christ’s life was the fulfillment of the prophecies provided by the Old Testament. Matthew 28: 19-20 encourages me to teach people, and share the knowledge of blessed life.

The Lord blesses every individual. The greatest incomprehensible gift is the sacrament of life. In addition, everyone receives countless gifts and God touches each human being daily. The problem is that people often do not realize the grandeur of the gift of life, God’s presence in this life or His constant activity. Many things seem self-evident, proper and ordinary. An excerpt about the healing of the ten lepers or the Samaritan who was able to see, glorify and be thankful impressed me and encouraged to think differently about all the blessings in my life (American Standard Version Bible, Lk. 17: 11-19). Exhausted by illness and rejection of the public, leprosy embodied the actions of God through Jesus. The appearance of Jesus as the manifestation of God’s Word has overturned lepers life forever. Previously, he was screaming only when people approached to warn others that he suffered from a dangerous disease, so everyone had to keep a safe distance. By the time he met Jesus, his cry had been full of despair and pain. Then, it became a joyous cry of God’s glory, a demonstration of worship and gratitude. He was a Samaritan. For the Israeli, a Samaritan is a stranger, the one who does not think and believe correctly (Wright, 2004). In the eyes of Jesus, this is a man who is tolerant, thankful, as well as able to see and glorify God. Therefore, this highlight has taught me to view the world through the prism of the Gospel, to see, celebrate and be grateful for every day for the new study.

In the Epistle to the Colossians, St. Apostle Paul writes, … Christ is your life (American Standard Version Bible, Col. 3, 4). Christ is the fullness as God, He is everything in everything, He is the Creator and Almighty of the World. Hence, this means that there is no Islamic god, no pagan gods, nor Christian god. Thus, there is one God to glorify in the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, there can be no other God because there cannot be several gods, as there cannot be several Creators of the Universe. When St. Apostle Paul visited Athens, he saw on one of the temples an inscription To the Unknown God then he said to the Athenians, This is the God whom you do not know, but you revere, I preach to you (American Standard Version Bible, Acts 17: 22-23). People honored God but they did not know Him. Nowadays, many individuals believe in God, either in the Only One such as Jews or as Mohammedans, or in many gods, particularly the Gentiles. Nevertheless, all of them do not know God because a person cannot recognize Him without the Divine help. People can partly recognize true God only through the study of His creations, including a man. Therefore, in the Epistle to the Romans, St. Paul wrote that the invisible Divinity becomes visible through the study of creation (American Standard Version Bible, Rom. 1:20). God revealed Himself through Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, Paul states that Christ is the life because there is fullness of the Divine in Him. Furthermore, this knowledge is crucial for my spiritual growth and salvation.

According to the Epistle to Ephesians 1, 3 14, since the vocation of Abraham to this day, God has testified to humans His loyalty and revealed His incomprehensible mercy along with grace. Only by His grace, one can achieve any success; moreover, only through His grace people will attain eternal life, the life of another quality, which is the life of God Himself. Consequently, I understood that Christ is my life. Hence, this means that Christ has revealed not only the doctrine of God but also how humans need to live on Earth. Every person should distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood, temporary and eternal. Many of individuals think that they know it. However, observing social life, the majority are convinced that people have been gradually losing their sense of differentiating between good and evil. Thus, they enjoy grief and think they are doing well; they live in a lie and believe that you cannot live in this world.

Christ teaches how and why to live on the Earth through the New Testament. All of this can be learned by reading the Bible and the Christian textbook, which interprets the Bible doctrine. The New Testament must be understood correctly and not interpreted, as it is done by different sectarians, who have established numerous sects currently (Keener, 2014). Thanks to this Divine Grace, a Christian can be likened to Christ. St. Paul says: Become like me as I am Christ (American Standard Version Bible, 1 Cor. 4:16). By the grace of God, bad people may become saints. The Word of God opened my eyes to the truth about faith. Reading the Scriptures every day, I started to realize that I believed in the existence of God but did not trust in Him, His life and the solution of the situations in which I found myself. My faith began to grow in line with how Apostle Paul wrote about it: True, God appears in it from faith in faith, as it is written. And the righteous will live by faith (American Standard Version Bible, Rom. 1:17). Now, in any case, I try to act according to the laws provided by the Bible. Therefore, life has brought much more joy and pleasure, despite the trials.

God created a man as the crown of His creation to have communication with him. A man sinned and lost his fellowship with the Creator. The Lord offered various ways to restore this unity. He chose the prophets, through whom He spoke to the people, and this lasted until the time of John the Baptist. Then, the Bible states that God started interacting with humans through Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father communicates with people through the Word of God, which is the Son of God (American Standard Version Bible, Heb. 1: 1-2). Listening to the Word of God (rather than personal emotions) and executing His words, , human kingdoms will be able to reign as the Kingdom of God, which does not imply eating or drinking but peace, righteousness joy and faith in the Holy Spirit (American Standard Version Bible, Rom. 14:17). Righteousness presupposes the relationship with God and neighbors, which will lead to peace in human hearts and result in joy of a new life, the source of which is the Holy Spirit (Etzel & Small, 2016). Every morning I start the day reading the Word of God. I have a question to God every day. I read the Bible chapter by chapter and God speaks to me through the texts of the Scriptures.


Today, the whole world is in need of the Christian proclamation of the gospel of peace, charity and love. Each time, following in the peace of Christ after the Liturgy, one should ask Him for those who cannot stand, who are physically and spiritually captured, suffering, and lonely. All these people are to feel that the holy days (Sundays and holidays) in the modern synagogues – temples/churches – serve only to fulfill the Word of God and His Love; therefore, sanctifying humankind, the Lord, serves the contemporary world. Personally, I try to validate my faith daily by teaching the foundations of faith, prayer, and mercy. I dedicate some time for God’s Word every day in order to have my conscience shaped by the ethics of the Gospel and to be able to explain the basis of hope to others.

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