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Prezi versus PowerPoint

Presentation is very vital point of any research. It is here where the expression of the findings, as well as the ideas related to a particular topic, are analyzed and presented to the target audience in a clear and concise way for better understanding (Alshare & Hindi 3; Markovic & Porgacic 2). There are quite a number and a variety of different tools of presentation for one to choose from. However, Prezi and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation tools stand out from the rest. This essay will conduct a comparison of the two presentation tools through the analysis of their differences and similarities in usage.

Prezi presentation tool

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool that employs the usage of map layouts and zooming to allow for relative relationships of the data presented. Wicks states that the web based tool was designed to help eliminate the faults which are present in Microsoft PowerPoint (n.d.). It is a tool that is used to organize, present and even share ideas with all the incorporations and strengths of Microsoft PowerPoint and without shortcomings.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This is a presentation tool embedded in the Microsoft Office Package. Microsoft PowerPoint does not have to be online. This tool also organizes and presents data but without the choice of sharing and complicated options that is present in Prezi.

Differences between Prezi and PowerPoint

The differences between the two presentation tools are highlighted in the table below



Non- linear navigation

Linear navigation

PowerPoint organizes its documents

Map layout

Prezi pages are designed in the form of map with the option of zoom

Slide track layout

Pages in  PowerPoint are in the form of slides

Web- based

Prezi works best online. Bird clarifies that the option of using Prezi as a computer based is given at a fee in the advanced membership levels of the software (1).

The basic levels are only web-based.

PC- based

This tool can operate independent of the internet as it is ingrained to the Microsoft Office Package. One can use the tool without the hassle of looking for internet connection

Limited printing options

Prezi does not allow for many printing options

Multiple printing options

PowerPoint presentation tool offers its users a variety of options for printing purposes

Sharing option inbuilt

The presentation created using Prezi can be shared through a variety of sharing options provided by this tool. It allows for sharing of presentations to social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter among others

Does not have a sharing option

PowerPoint does not allow for much sharing and it must be connected to the Internet for that to happen

Video embedding and organizing

Videos can be uploaded, edited and tagged along with other data being presented

Video embedding but no organizing

Videos can be uploaded, but the option of editing is not provided

Must have an account

Doesn’t require to open an account to start using

Sold as a single unit

The accounts in Prezi are sold as a single unit with the option of two accounts, Enjoy and Pro.

Embedded in a Microsoft Office Package

PowerPoint is embedded into the Microsoft Office Package and it is not sold as a single unit.

Opening a Prezi account: steps to follow

A number of steps to follow when opening a Prezi account are highlighted in the following order:

  • Go to www.prezi.com
  • Click on the sign up button
  • Choose the Prezi account you wish to sign up, whether Public, Enjoy or Pro
  • Click on the chosen account
  • Put your personal information on the provided spaces
  • Read the terms and conditions for the sign up
  • Accept these terms
  • Click on the sign up button
  • Go to your email
  • Activate the link sent there

From here you are ready to use your Prezi account. The public account in Prezi is public by default. This means that information of the projects one has worked on might be made available to the public. Microsoft PowerPoint does not have this sign up or account creation feature. Once you open the platform you go straight to the usage of the tool (Prezi website).

The work flow: Prezi

To create a work flow in a Prezi account, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Planning of the Prezi map – here you have to know exactly what kind of map you would like to use
  • Gather your resources that will be used in the work flow and put them into a coherent manner
  • You are now ready to create your presentation using Prezi

To create presentation:

  • Double click into the open window
  • Write what you wish
  • Zoom in or out to view the details as you wish
  • Use zebra option to add details, change location, resize or rotate the window page
  • Add your resources like video, images and others
  • You can group the related items by addition of frames
  • Add a path to create a story line
  • After you are satisfied with what you have created, click present.


Even though these two tools of presentation are said to be somehow different, they have a lot in common and they can be applied concurrently or interchangeably for the presentation purposes.

However, what tool to use depends on the taste of the person making this presentation, as well as the kind of presentation desired.


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