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The Effects of Watching a lot of Television

According to the statistics, an average person watches TV more than 4 hours every day. TV has already captivated people’s leisure time replacing more useful ways of spending free time. It is used by millions of people around the world. Probably, television is one of the most important creations that have ever been made by people. It is developing incredibly quickly. As a result, millions of people around the world are watching TV in their leisure time. Many of them spend too much time in front of TV. Harmful and beneficial effect of watching TV is one of the most disputable topics nowadays. On the one hand, it is instructive. People can get to know useful information. However, there is a reverse side, watching TV can affect a person harmfully.


There are many negative effects of television. According to the research, people who watch a lot of television show several signs of addiction. Watching television is sedative for many persons. They are at increased risk of corpulence. Obesity of TV addicts is stipulated by their inactive way of life.

Many little boys and girls spend a lot of time watching television. According to the research, children are at high risk to get overweight faster than other categories of people. Children receive less socialization. This devastating fact results in becoming less productive in the future.

Destructive effect of watching television affects families. Spending too much time in front of TV takes away family time. This happens when a family is watching television while eating. This upsetting effect causes great problems. People have to communicate with each other during breakfast or dinner. Family members should be engaged in conversation. It is important for strong and warm family relationship.

There are some more problems that are associated with watching too much television. It is a well known fact that TV causes psychological disorder. Especially this devastating effect of watching too much television influences children. Children watch television every day. They see a lot of violent acts on TV. They are getting used to it. Little boys and girls start thinking that violence is ordinary and adequate thing.


One more burning problem is sex. Scenes of intimacy become less censored. Children watch daily great variety of music videos, shows, different soap operas and advertisements that are full of sexual content. As a matter of fact, they watch nothing about contraception. This shocking fact can cause many problems. Watching sex on television can result in having sex at the young age and early pregnancy. Parents and teachers have to do a lot to protect children from this burning problem. They have to talk with children about sex and problems that could be caused by it. This is a good way to protect young generation from misfortune.

Another serious problem is promoting alcohol and tobacco on TV. People of all ages watch TV. Besides favorite soap operas and music videos, they watch lots of ads for alcohol. Such kind of advertisement shows people who become more successful and happier when they are drinking. Alcoholic drinks are hardly ever shown in a negative light. This leads to increasing the number of people addicted to alcohol. Smoking addiction is one more negative consequence of watching TV. Tobacco advertising is prohibited on television. Despite this fact, people can see smokers on different movies and soap operas. Tobacco and alcohol industry use product placement to promote their goods.

Watching too much TV has a negative influence. That is why people have to be smart and reasonable in solving the problem of TV addiction. There are many ways of solving this problem. People should limit their time spent in front of TV. It is better to communicate with each other having reasonable feedback. Leading an active lifestyle is a good way in solving the problem of watching too much TV.

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