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Equal rights (Homosexual marriage)

Marriage is a sacred recognition of personal devotion, honesty, and care to another person before God, family and friends, and the society as a whole, despite the possible troubles or misapprehensions, which might occur. As the vow states “in sickness and health, in grief or in happiness, until death parts the two”, marriage is an institution from two individuals, who love each other, support each other and are there for each other until they cease to live.


Homosexual marriage should also be considered as a unification of two loving souls, merging into one family, which swore before God, friends, and family to be together in order to perform their commitment to each other under legal circumstances, as any other persons. This paper provides the common apprehensions regarding homosexual marriages. These arguments are further defended by a range of tolerating gay marriage arguments, and prove that homosexual marriages should be legal and tolerated throughout the world.

The first point argues that the institution of marriage is traditionally defined as a unity between a man and a woman, who make vows before the God, the government, and friends and families to perform their basic functions in the society. In addition, most religious traditions imply the holy matrimony of a man and a woman. Most mainstream religious institutions, such as Catholic, Islam, Protestant, and others stand against same-sex marriages, as they keep referring to the Holy writings, which indicate the wedlock to be completed between the opposite sexes. In addition “expanding marriage to include same-sex couples may lead to churches being forced to marry couples and children being taught in school that same-sex marriage is the same as opposite-sex marriage” states the writer from Gay Marriage ProCon.org (ProCon.org 2012).


On the other hand, according to the research by Lanutti (2005) “same-sex marriage should be understood as a complex cultural and personal phenomenon to be considered as a context for understanding same-sex relationships in the future” (17). There have been very little research on the same-sex marriage, therefore stating that such kind of relationship might somehow affect the society in a bad way is simply illogical and intolerable. In addition, the society is formed from specific individuals who belong to it, including all gay people as well. Shulman et al. (2012) states that “research consistently suggests that marriage can serve as a protective factor in that people who are married demonstrate superior levels of mental health compared with unmarried individuals” (159). The welfare of each specific individual would therefore influence the wellness of society as a whole. In other words, allowing same-sex marriages would not only decrease the discrimination and hostility levels between the heterosexuals and homosexuals, but it also would decrease the level of dissatisfaction with the life and raise the level of self-esteem in the society as a whole. Gay people are the same as other people, therefore discriminating them or their actions are to be considered against the law.

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Second, it is claimed that a unity, which is unable to perform their basic functions, such as procreation are not allowed to get married, as they are of no use for the society. The homosexual couples claim that expression of their identity is not enough for them. Being an entity of the society they belong to, they have a right to experience “the same civil benefits as married heterosexual couples” (Lanutti 16). In addition, there are thousands of women who are not ready to become mothers, and who abandon their children anonymously. Adopting a child, and raise him/her in a loving family as their own is an option for a gay couple. Lanutti adds that “same sex marriage creates a new legal, societal and symbolic entity that same-sex relational partners may use to institutionalize their married relationships or as a counterpoint for the definition of their unmarried relationships” (16). There is no reason to view a same sex couple as a defective social entity.


Third argument indicates that gay marriage is a potential threat of giving a negative example to other representatives of the society leading down to the freedoms of expressing nontraditional relationships, such as bestial, incestuous, and polygamous, giving them the right to get married. However, prohibiting the right to marry for same-sex couples to get married concludes expression of discrimination towards the minorities, underlining their inferiority to heterosexuals (ProCon.org 2012). In addition, Shulman’s findings indicate that same-sex couples are more likely to break up with time if not married, rather than married homosexual unions. The research indicates that legitimization of homosexual union grants stability to the relationship between the two people, and decreases the divorce rate, providing stability to the social entity, and what is more important, preventing from all types of perversions, but safe expression of preferences (Shulman et al. 160).


To sum up, marriage is a sacred bond accomplished by the decision of two persons loving each other who swore in front of God, the government, and their friends and families to stay together in care, sickness or health, for better or for worse, and cherish each other no matter what. The definition of marriage should not specify the gender of the two persons, and become legal for same-sex partnerships around the world. As proved above, the homosexuals just as the heterosexuals are able to love, and require the closeness of a family bond in a lawful manner. Homosexual marriages do not influence the consciousness of other people. According to the research, marriage assures mental health, security, self-esteem and decreases depression as compared to unmarried couples, as well as decreasing divorce rates, and ensures stability. There is no reason to forbid such right for two people even though they are of the same sex, until they make each other, and as a result the society, happy.

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