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Online Dating

Social networks, different forums, and dating sites theoretically provide ample opportunities to find a partner for a lonely person, whether it is for a short flirtation or strong and serious relationship. Online dating has its peculiarities as well as both pros and cons. One of the advantages lies in the fact that making acquaintance through the Internet, people judge a person not by appearance, which can be misleading, but by intellectual and spiritual qualities. However, common thoughts regarding certain issues link two strangers slower than the charm of the appearance. One of the downsides of online dating is the possibility to maintain anonymity. As a result, people prone to violent behavior may take advantage of it and eventually expose an individual to abuse. Frequently, such situations arise in the virtual dating sites such as chat rooms or social networks. While I think that online dating is a great opportunity for a modern person to find love, my mother has a different opinion, claiming that a person cannot meet a partner via the Internet.


I believe that an undoubted advantage of Internet dating is a possibility to extend a circle of acquaintances. With age, it is difficult to meet a reliable friend, not to mention a partner for a long-term relationship. Nevertheless, the Internet provides a unique opportunity to socialize with several completely different people, have a nice talk, and enjoy the communication. Despite the fact that people cannot see their virtual interlocutor, it is still possible to draw certain conclusions according to a questionnaire. For example, if a man uploads a picture from the beach, it means that he is fixated on his physical appearance. Thus, one can infer that his partner should also look attractive. In addition, the questionnaire on the site shows much information about a person. Certainly, not everything is always true. However, with the help of such details it is possible to see whether a person has higher education. Additionally, whether it is a message with the elements of flirt or refusal to continue the dialogue, it is possible to reflect on the answer. In real life, people are often too emotional and it makes them vulnerable to certain words and phrases. . People can be rude, using vulgar language and making an innocent phrase sound like provocation. In general, communication via the Internet gives people time to think before writing an answer.

Another advantage lies in the fact that the Internet erases all social boundaries. In reality, two people from different layers of society cannot establish any relationship as they are incompatible in terms of social matching. . Indeed, the author John Bridges of the book The Illusion of Intimacy states that “online dating has brought a whole new meaning to finding your soul mate. Your choices are no longer limited to the people in your hometown or country” (3). On the Internet, a person can meet the well-known journalists, models, and wealthy businessmen. One more advantage is that in the virtual world many people tend to reveal their true personality. . They honestly answer the questions about the purpose of dating. Certainly, a person does not feel any complexes in virtual communication and, thus, can show his/her strong points. Moreover, people have the fear of rejection in the real world. The book You and the Art of Online Dating, states that “when you have millions of people to choose from, you are bound to find someone who is in the same situation you are in or who will applaud you for being just who you are” (Denby 9). Thus, people who genuinely want to find a partner and true love through the Internet will be honest with the interlocutor.


My opinion concerning online dating is rather different from my mother’s. She believes that the Internet has only disadvantages and online dating can lead to negative consequences. She explains her point of view by the fact that it is impossible to find a reliable partner through the Internet. A person can provide misleading information on the online dating site. Gestures, facial expressions, gazes, a tone of voice, and other nonverbal means of communication carry much information. Frequently, body language defines the basic psychological compatibility of people. . Such factors can be significant in personal communication and married life. Communicating without nonverbal signals, can make a delusional impression that if people seem interesting in the chat, they are just as interesting in real life. In addition, information on the site can be false as well. Since the person does not see their potential partner, they can embellish some facts about their appearance or achievements.. Therefore, the latter creates a subconscious picture of the former that does not correspond to the reality.

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet. People are looking for a job through social networks, communicate with friends, read books, and learn information from digital sources. Furthermore, a great number of people try to find love with the help of the Internet. The main positive aspect of online dating is that the person can communicate with different people. In addition, online dating helps less confident individuals find their significant other. However, sometimes people provide information that is not always true, which is the main disadvantage of online dating. Therefore, acquaintance through the Internet has its positive and negative aspects. To avoid the latter, a person needs to be cautious and build relationships in the course of face-to-face communication.

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