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Top Compelling Cause and Effect Topics

Cause and effect essays are meant to analyze why certain things happen and what results they bring. To provide a well-structured cause and effect essay, take the following steps:

  • Study why a certain issue has happened or exists.
  • Think over what caused the situation.
  • Study the outcomes of the event, decision, or situation.
  • Trace the start of the issue and discuss its results.

To avail yourself of presented below topics, consider the following steps:

  • Adjust the question to your assignment.
  • Using a question for your topic idea provides good organization of your thoughts.
  • Use the question in your title or put it right before your topic sentence.
  • The answer to the question is your thesis.



What are the main reasons for divorce?
How does divorce affect children?
How does dwelling together before marriage influence the relationship?
How does an abortion affect marital life?
How does a fulfilling marriage influence our health?
What is the effect of being raised by a single parent?
How do wealth and prosperity of parents influence kids?
How do family holidays affect family relationships?
How do social media influence family relationships?
Do people with a degree have better relationships?
What causes the fights between parents and kids?


Problems and Society

What are the main reasons for poverty in America?
What has sparked the popularity of abortion in Western countries?
What leads to being homeless?
What is the effect of men getting better salaries than women?
What are the reasons for bad-quality water for humanity worldwide?
How does bad sanitation affect a community?
What is the reason for continuous discrimination and racism?
What are the reasons for the hardships of disabled people with getting jobs?
How does poverty affect children?
Why do siblings compete with each other?

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Health and medicine

What are the reasons for obesity in the USA in the last decade?
How will growing obesity affect the healthcare system?
What effect does the absence of medical insurance have on people’s health?
Why do people refuse to go to a doctor when having health problems?
Why do people refuse to vaccinate their children?
What sparks off the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa?
How does the climate change influence infectious medical diseases?
What causes the diseases like malaria or HIV to be so hard to get rid of?
How does stress influence our life?
Why do people come down with cancer?
Why is pancreatic cancer lethal?
Why is cancer so hard to beat?
Why do people lose their sight?
Why do people get allergies?
How does a growing use of technology affect our health?
Why do cardiovascular diseases occur?
What effects does exercising have on our organism?
Why do people opt for a healthy way of living?


Media and Technology

How does a cell phone use influence teenagers? How do violent video games affect kids or teenagers?
Does online shopping result in extra expenditures?
Why do social media sites become less popular?
Why are video games in trend?
How does typing on a screen rather than on a keyboard affect people’s communication?
What causes Google to be the most used search engine?
What are the effects of smart phones in business life?


Students and School Life

What makes students consider school boring?

Does using iPads or smartboards in classrooms promote more efficient learning?

How does homeschooling affect children?
Do single-sex classrooms conduce to better learning?
What causes teachers’ burnout?
What are the positive and negative effects of wearing school uniforms?


History and World Events

How did slavery affect the American society?
Why did feminism spark off so much interest in the 1960s and 1970s?
How did WWII affect the Jews?
How did Christianity affect the Roman empire?
What are the reasons for illegal immigration?
How does immigration affect a country?
How did the invention of the printing press affect the course of history?
What are the reasons for the drug wars in Colombia?

Now you have lots of ideas of cause and effect essay topics.



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