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The Essence of the Capstone Project

Capstone project high school is a type of research paper. Research experience is in demand not only during studying but also in practical life, especially in situations characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability, when you have to act not according to ready-made algorithms but, being faced with new conditions, make non-standard decisions and predict their consequences.

Research activities help learners to master the methodology of the scientific study, gain experience, and contribute to the formation of personality traits that determine the professional mobility of future specialists. Studies have shown that students who are actively engaged in research activities in the process of studying at a university, creatively approach the fulfillment of their professional functions, have the ability to self-master knowledge, and have a higher level of psychological readiness not only for professional activities but also for mastering new specialties. When working on your paper, you need to read successful essays written by other authors. You can find them in the library. Research high school capstone project examples can help you understand the essence of the proper structure and style.

High School Capstone Project Ideas

Students’ work on capstone projects is a complex of forms and methods of forming creative thinking for future specialists, consolidating theoretical knowledge, acquiring research skills, and being engaged in socially beneficial activities. The only difference between research and studying is the degree of autonomy of the learner’s research assignment and novelty of the result. That is why you should consider new, relevant topics for your projects (for example, types of investments in human capital and assessment of their effectiveness, features of the corporate culture of modern firms, factors of the economic growth, the role of advertising in the strategy and tactics of a modern firm, etc.).

How to Write a Good Capstone Project

With different approaches to the formation of the content of research competencies, scholars can distinguish their invariant basis, which includes the following skills:

  • to formulate a research problem;
  • to set the goals and objectives of the study;
  • to determine the object and subject of study;
  • to put forward a hypothesis of research and suggest ways to test it out;
  • to distinguish hypotheses from scientific theories; select and use research methods;
  • to work with information;
  • to discuss and prove your point of view.

Scientists identify three stages of research work of students: conceptual and indicative, practical (active), and ideological ones.

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The Main Stages of the Capstone Project Creation

The conceptual and indicative stage of research competencies is associated with the formation of students’ holistic ideas about the essence of scientific activity and its functions, familiarity with basic research skills. The practical (activity) stage is focused on reproducing the methodology of scientific research in the course of independent research. This level implies mastering basic research skills. The research activity of students at this stage is professionally directed, the main purpose of the research work is the implementation of research competencies in the future professional activity. Most students perceive their participation in research as preparation for future practice after graduation. Therefore, most studies are practice-oriented.

The third stage of work is associated with the development of the methodology of scientific research; it implies the existence of fundamental methodological knowledge along with professional and methodological knowledge. The result is ideological ideas, judgments, and generalizations that reflect an understanding of the cause-effect relationships of the effectiveness of research activities and their role in its development. At this phase of work, the holistic image of the world is created from the position of a student (a researcher), a synergistic perception of the world develops, heuristic techniques, and methods of information processing are formed.



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