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3 Non-Verbal Ways to Express Love

There is a moment in every relationship when you feel you are ready to say “I love you”. You wait for the right moment, take a deep breath, look in his/her eyes, but at the same time there is a question, which daunts you: what if I hear nothing in return? Or even worse, what if he/she laughs in your face? Believe it or not, there is a chance he/she has already said “I love you”, you just were not listening. “How is that possible?”, you may wonder. Well, according to the psychological research, when it comes to relationships, people tend to express their emotions using body language instead of words. Here are some non-verbal ways with the help of which your partner may have already declared his/her love.

Best Love Signs That Express True Feelings

It is known that eyes reveal more than words do. Normally, people do not maintain eye contact for more than few seconds, but when they are in love, they can keep eyes locked for a few minutes.

Blinking. This one is tricky. If someone is fluttering eyelashes, it means that either this person is completely smitten with you, or, maybe, he/she is lying. Usually, one can tell the difference. In the first case, blinking goes along with blushing, whereas in the second case, it is verging on the nervous eye twitching.
Shoulder movements. When it comes to using body language, shoulders may say a lot. People express all kinds of emotions with the help of shrinking, lifting, shrugging, and rolling their shoulders. For instance, when they are in love, people are prone to unconsciously lean shoulders towards the object of their affection. On the contrary, if they do not move shoulders at all, it means that they are not interested. Why do you think they call it “giving somebody a cold shoulder”?

It is worth mentioning that body language signs are extremely personal. There may be other ways of expressing feelings, which are not included into this list. Maybe, he/she likes playing with your hair or gives you a gentle pat on a shoulder. Just keep observing and soon you will be able to read a person like a book!



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